Lawn Sprinklers
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Why Install a Lawn Sprinkler System?

There is a much easier and better way to water your lawn and gardens
during the hot summer months rather than dragging the hose to a new
spot every half hour so that your lawn is equally moistened.  But not
knowing anything about lawn sprinklers, it's difficult to decide who to
choose to install your lawn sprinkler system.

Why Should You Choose Aquaturf?

Because you are interested in excellent customer service and quality
work.  My name is Mike Pasquini and I am the owner of Aquaturf
Irrigation.  I have been installing sprinkler systems for over 10 years.  I
pride myself in my work and commitment to insuring my customers
are satisfied.  I am fully insured and use only quality products.  

Aquaturf Irrigation is a small family owned business with little
overhead so that I can keep my prices reasonable and so that I can
interact with my customers directly.  I work hard seven days a week
April through November to insure timely service.
Aquaturf Offers the Following:
Free Estimates and Fully Insured
Installations, Start-ups and Shut-downs
Reliable Service Work
Quality Products
Product Warranties
Minimal Lawn Disturbance
Maintenance of All Types of Sprinkler Systems
Water Conservation with Drip Irrigation
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